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Now there is a choice for peace activists, progressives, independents, and all voters of conscience in the 2006 New York election for United States Senate -- a candidate who promises to fight aggressively to bring our troops home, to restore our lost civil liberties, to end unsafe and unsustainable energy practices and the federal subsidies that support them, to punish abuse of executive powers, and to cast votes in accordance with the wishes of the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers -- a candidate who promises to be nothing but a New York Senator twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, for the full six years.

This is democracy.

Steve Greenfield, a peace activist, father, and volunteer firefighter from New Paltz, New York, who ran for Congress in 2002 on a peace and civil liberties platform, has entered the 2006 race for United States Senate. The campaign will have the rapid withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq as its centerpiece. And rapid withdrawal means a full and immediate withdrawal that is factored only by provisions for the safety of those troops as they return home.

George Bush didn't start this war all by himself, nor is he the only one who needs to be held accountable. Seventy-seven Senators violated the United States Constitution and their oaths of office by granting Bush unlimited power to order the unprovoked invasion of Iraq. Hillary Clinton is one of them. Since that time, she has continuously voted to maintain and increase funding for the war and occupation, has called for greatly increasing the number of Americans in harm's way throughout the world, and has unwaveringly supported the evolving series of excuses used by the Bush administration in rationalizing the attack and the permanent occupation of Iraq.

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