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These are the key issues of the campaign:


Stop the war in Iraq: Withdraw all US troops and private security personnel from Iraq; terminate permanent US military base construction in Iraq; cancel all contracts for ownership of Iraqi natural resources with non-Iraqi firms enacted by the Provisional Authority. Repudiate "preventive war" doctrine and affirm Constitutional primacy of international treaties. Rigorous advocacy for the "Department of Peace" bills (HR 3760 and S 1756).


The National Security Agency has become a rogue agency operating outside public control and against the public interest. Abolish the NSA and all domestic surveillance operations. Repeal the USA PATRIOT Act and restore traditional American Constitutional civil liberties. Replace the act with a bill that gives law enforcement its necessary tools while refraining from invasion of privacy without judicially certified evidence that a potential crime requires investigation. Create permanent oversight of federal investigations as provided in the "Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act" (HR 3171).


Create a new 21st Century prosperity with environmental wisdom, though full conversion to a post-fossil fuel and post-nuclear economy, and a sane conservation and renewables-based energy policy. End all federal subsidies to the oil, coal and nuclear industries. End all programs that pay for "externalization" of business costs to taxpayers. End corporate "personhood"


Public accountability must be restored. Impeach George Bush, Dick Cheney, and all administration officials involved in providing false information to Congress and violating FISA and other federal law. To best ensure that the executive branch conforms to democratic rule of law and Constitutional checks and balances, as Senator I will call for public hearings and take at least one action every day to advance the cause of impeachment.

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